i’ve always scoffed at those “oh my god europe is tiny”-posts but we just took the wrong exit driving back to our cabin and we literally ended up in norway and decided to just stay for dinner so yeah

this just happened AGAIN jesus fucking christ there isn’t even a sign that says welcome to fucking norway you’re just there all of a sudden

I could miss an exit and still stay in my state for another 8 hours.

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"I hate it when clubs like bayen spend so much money on players it’s so unfair!!!1111"


if you’re still in doubts: bayern munich is the ultimate evil, we buy steal every player we can, and we spend so much money no other club can compare


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cockiness is so attractive to me in a way and it’s so irritating. like it’s annoying. and it annoys me. but the kind of expression and body language that comes with it. the self-satisfied attitude. the smug comments. the eye rolling. the smirking. “come and get me” hand gestures during a fight. eyebrow raising with an air of superiority. it’s just like. fuck you. i’m annoyed right now. i am so annoyed right now. but oh my fuck i am also so very, very attracted right now

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i wish i lost weight as fast as i lose motivation 

i agree bethany

who the fuck is bethany

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